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Susi experience shop opening grandly

date:2017.03.13  time:14:47

On New Year's day, SUSI experience shop is opening at CBD in siyang. Susi experience shop covers of nearly thousand square meters, combining silk product display, sales, cheongsam, model clubs and entertainment together. It will improve your elegant life quality of people of siyang and tourists at home and abroad. Hundreds fans from home and abroad, Susi's loyal consumers or evangelists, and some of the warm-hearted citizens attended the ceremony. On the ceremony, Su Wei, CEO of Susi,made the speech in the first order. He said he would experience shop better inheriting Chinese silk culture, build The international first-class brand su silk silk, is committed to the revitalization of the Chinese silk industry. During the opening ceremony, in the fashion elegant art performance at the same time, also has carried on the su silk silk products fixture and display, and with the five rounds Drawing ceremony. On that day, SUSI experience shop was full of people to buy silk products, realizing big sales volume. It is said SUSI experience shop will receive consumer's order according to their own needs, customized silk home textile, clothing, and accessories. All kinds of silk products, by selling products to the user experience, user custom transformation. Susi experince shop Susi elegant silk cheongsam show; Consumers purchase Susi silk products

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